Inner Dry Apron

Aprons that don’t repel water but absorb it.

In recent years, hygienic environment management for food preparation has been more strict than ever before. Facility environments are undergoing a transition from the conventional Wet System to a Dry System that keeps floors as dry as possible, so that even aprons are required to absorb water instead of repel it so that floors stay dry. This is why we have developed the Inner Dry Apron.



Absorption, Quick-Drying and Reversible

Wako’s Inner Dry Apron can absorb water splashed in standard operations.
The surface has water absorbing and fast-drying properties as well as CPP film used in food packaging applied to the back. This CPP film prevents absorbed water from penetrating through to workers’ clothes. Because of the laminate coating on the back, it works as a 2-way reversible apron. The outside is a dry apron, and the inside is the same as a standard water-proof apron. We have received a lot of great testimonials from our clients for this product.


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