Wako strives to appropriately manage and protect any personal information that we hold by adhering strictly to laws regarding the protection of personal information, guidelines from the appropriate authorities, our own privacy policies and the applicable in-house standards as stated below.

1 For the appropriate handling of personal information

When acquiring personal information, we commit to acquire information by legitimate and honest means having first clarified the utilization purposes as one or more of the following:

To provide invitations or information about our products and services.
To conduct surveys to improve customer satisfaction or product planning and development.
To respond to or confirm queries, refinements, or support.
To comply with any provisions in any applicable laws and regulations or following any governmental notification and/or guidelines, etc.

2 The provision of personal information to third parties

Wako shall not, excluding cases provided by law as exceptions, disclose or provide to third parties any personal data of the relevant person without their prior consent.

3 Safe management of personal information

Wako shall take appropriate measures to prevent and correct any abuse, loss, destruction, alteration, and leakage of personal information.

4 About employee training/education

Wako will conduct necessary education and training regarding the treatment of personal information for all employees to ensure its appropriate management.

5 Compliance with laws and regulations for personal information

Wako complies with all applicable laws and regulations, guidance and other directions as stipulated by the government regarding the treatment of personal information.

6 Continual commitment and improvement to comply with Personal Information Protection Law

To continue to improve all company policies and standards regarding the protection of any and all personal information.