Leading to the Future

At Wako, We have been striving to develop numerous high-quality and high-performance products to meet customers’ needs since we were established in 1962.
In order to enhance our ability to develop new products, offer the best services and also continue to exceed customers expectations, we have introduced a new production management system with ICT called “ Wis-system”.
The purpose was to establish a system that makes all of our products traceable, therefore we are able to keep delivering high-quality products to the market.
In addition, we have made our production system more compatible by developing a special application for smartphones that syncs for operation with
state-of-art sewing machines. An automatic sewing system utilizing IOT makes it all possible.
Needless to say, we will never stop challenging ourselves to deliver high-quality products that adapt to modern market trends. We strive for the trifecta of “ Joy in selling” “ Joy in buying” and “ Joy in making” as a practical way to continue to contribute to the betterment of society.


Kenichi Matsuda